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Search engine optimisation (SEO) is the skill of helping you get found. Unless you rank well for what your customers might type into a search engine (such as Google) you are going to find it difficult to pick up business online.

Why SEO?

There are over 3 billion searches performed everyday using Google. Therefore, the more terms (keywords) related to your business that you rank for, the more searches you will show up in and the more traffic you will get.

Not only will you gain more traffic from good SEO, you will be receiving quality traffic too. This is because, if chosen correctly, the keywords you rank for can capture consumer interest right at the point of sale. In other words, you get found by buyers when they are ready to buy.

For example, the keyword “Coffee shops near me” suggests the searchers intent is to find a place that sells coffee so that they can buy a coffee right there and then. Compare this to “What is a coffee shop” and you can clearly see the difference in a searcher’s intent.

The Results

If done properly, SEO can substantially increase sales for your business. That’s a fact.

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  • A good return on investment
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